14.10-17.11, 2017

Aline Bouvy
Geran Knol
Timo van Grinsven

About the artists:

Aline Bouvy (b.1974) graduated from ERG, Brussels and the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. Aline Bouvy’s multidisciplinary practice is a way of expressing her refusal to compromise and adapt to systems in our society which aim to regulate our longing, conforming it to the norms and values which shape that same society. Through the implementation of poetic strategies and a rigorous aesthetic with an underlying humour, her work questions the hierarchies of established powers and patriarchal systems. Her work is represented by Nosbaum & Reding Gallery, Luxembourg and Albert Baronian Gallery, Brussels.

Geran Knol (b.1991 in the Netherlands) is living and working in Antwerpen, Belgium. He graduated and received an MA in Visual Arts at the Sint Lucas University of Arts in Antwerpen. Geran mostly works in drawing but also in painting and sculpture. His work borders on the figurative and the abstract. He creates a rich world of personal imagery within a dream like atmosphere. In his subtle drawings we meet faintly reconcilable figures in elusive spaces.

Timo van Grinsven (b.1985, NL) Lives and Works in Molenbeersel (BE) / Zwolle (NL). Received an MA in Visual Arts at the Sint Lucas University of Arts in Antwerpen 2014. The works I make are assemblages consisting of a variety of materials, combined to make tactile installations, according to a strong idiosyncratic logic. The most important part of this logic is the search to find the point where the probable becomes the improbable. The works created are (1:1) working models for themselves. While I am working, my thoughts move between image and text. Therefore, language plays a big role in reflecting on the subconscious creative process where not all the questions posed have to be answered. Because of its transient character, the logic is not bound to the limits of any medium. Installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings; everything is connected. In my atelier I work on several different pieces at the same time, during which component parts may move from one piece to another to find their place within a process of controlled coincidence. The result is a collection of works bearing the traces of an underlying dialogue, a storyline that remains veiled.

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In a dream I was visited by some eye floaters; the transparent worm-like things that appear to be floating on the surface of your eyes. When I woke up the next morning they were still there! I was immediately reminded of the Huxley Pig show. Hopefully you saw it back in the day, the premise was roughly as follows: Huxley would go to sleep and have some adventures in his dreams then he woke up and found a memento from his adventure (usually in his lunchbox) making him question whether the whole thing was dream or reality! Hah! Dear Huxley… In some way we are all like him; trying to figure out what’s what it this world, only to have the whole thing turned on its head by some lunchbox mementos.