Zalige Dromen
09.06-14.07 2018

Baldvin Einarsson

About the artist:

Baldvin Einarsson
born in '85 on the devil’s isle, Iceland… His work has been exhibited here and there in Europa and in most of the good places in Iceland: the national museum of Iceland, the Reykjavík art museum, Kunstschlager, Kling and Bang, and the town museum of Akranes of course! He moved to the mainland a few years ago and now lives and works in the fair city of Antwerp.

Hey there you! Ok, the first solo show in ABC Klubhuis! Group shows are a lot of fun and can be ever so interesting -but- you can’t eat a tapas buffet for every meal, am I right!? With that in mind we are proud to introduce Baldvin Einarsson to the stage. A versatile kunstenaar born under the Zodiac of Leo, hailing from Akranes (often dubbed the second capital of Iceland), and, at this moment living and working here in the beautiful town of Antwerp.

Now, I can’t know exactly what Einarsson is on about but I do know that he dabbled in psychology before picking up the pencil and the chisel. In his work he often draws from that well of inner shenanigans; shaping some mental states and situations. He once told me, that he once heard, and takes to heart, that art should be clear yet unclear; a clear statement with an unclear meaning. Not sure what that is supposed to mean but it sounds very good. It is a sort of paradox, an oxymoron. These things he likes and we can spot a few of them in the show.

Well! that’s all I dare to say for now. Enjoy dear, have a glass and look around*