Bernice Nauta
Charline Tyberghein
Indrikis Gelzis
Katrein Breukers
Lisa Dellugat

About the artists:

Bernice Nauta b. 1988 is a Dutch artist currently working in The Hague. He works in various media, from painting, drawing and collage to more sculptural and audio work. Recently his work has been exhibited at Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen (Vijfhuizen), Marres (Maastricht), De Bond (Bruges), Deborah Bowmann (Brussels) and gallery Mieke van Schaijk (Den Bosch). He recently did a residency at Wiels in Brussels and has been teaching at the academie of art in Utrecht (HKU) since 2015.

Charline Tyberghein 1993 works and lives in Antwerp. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp in 2018 Makes paintings on wood and drawings on paper.

Indrikis Gelzis b. 1988, Riga Latvia, Lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium. Indrikis studied at the Higher Institute for Fine Art in Ghent and received his Master degree at the Art Academy of Latvia from Visual communication department. He have exhibited at King’s Leap gallery (New York), Joshua Liner gallery (New York), Union Pacific (London, England), Belenius gallery (Stockholm, Sweden), Cinnnamon gallery (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Suprainfinit gallery (Bucharest, Romania), Lundgren gallery (Palma, Spain), Jerome Pauchant gallery (Paris, France), Hole of the Fox (Antwerpen, Belgium), kim? Contemporary art centre. (Riga, Latvia) and other places.

Katrein Breukers Mainly worka with sculpture, with occasionally an element of performance. I am interested in the fluidity of my sculptures, the sculptures can turn into a stage for performance. I like working with ceramics. It’s very physical, you leave your traces in the soft clay. But it is also a slow process, the sculptures show how I constantly change my mind.

Lisa Dellugat b.1992 is a french ceramist and plastician artist who lives and works in Brussels. She started her studies at the Fine Art Academy of Saint Luc, Liège in 2010 than moved in London in 2011. While studying she worked as a fashion model in Paris and Shanghai. Than moved back to Brussels and graduated with honours her B.A. in Illustration at Erg, Brussels 2017. The same year she entered Marcel Berlanger’s master painting program at ERG (Brussels) and worked partly in stopmotion cinema studios as a puppet and props maker. She works mainly with fabrics, armatures, clay and many other mixed media in this theatrical process. All of these experiences has influence her work in its artisanal approaches and characteristic bank of imagery.

ABC Klubhuis will be opening the exhibition From the Closet featuring a group of artist from around the globe. Picture an old Benetton advertisement, ok there you have it! Now take the old scissors and cut it up, next get the glue stick, some colored paper, even napkins will do the job! Now get busy with your new style project!